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Searching for a home, business office or even a piece of land can be a hassle. To make matters more complicated, there are a ton of real estate apps promising to find the property you want — and at the price you want. There is no doubt that technology has made house hunting much easier and convenient. In fact, it has made house hunting more exciting, with watching for notifications and new listings. Yet, there can be house hunting “overload” with the many features these apps have. Some of them aren’t even needed. Below are some real estate apps that are easy to navigate and understand.


  1. Zoopla — This app allows you to search from home to buy or let. It has up-to-the-minute market information, so there is no delay in posting price reductions or if the property has been taken off the market. It personalises your search, so you are not wasting time on properties that do not meet your criteria. You’ll find trends, statistics and estimates. You can also contact real estate agents!
  2. Rightmove — Find over a million properties to rent or purchase in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland with a click of a button. This app keeps you in the loop on the latest market trends and pricing. Want to know about the schools in the area you’re searching? Rightmove offers school catchment and performance information. Plus, there are maps, stories, agents and more.
  3. Nestoria — If you are looking to relocate to another country, Nestoria is the perfect app. You’ll find 40 countries and 15 languages, from England and Australia to India and the United Arab Emirates. Find millions of properties to rent or buy, including flats, commercial properties, bungalows and houses.
  4. AroundMe — This app is supplemental to the apps you are using to find your next home, whether you are renting or buying. It is a point of interest app, in that it provides information on the businesses, schools, attractions, ATMs … etc. near your future home. You’ll find maps, distances and even reviews. Plus, it can be used after you’ve found your home to help you explore your new area!


No matter which app you use, having a real estate agent knowledgeable about the area you’re looking at is important. Also, the agent should be familiar with these apps (and others) and help you to utilise them.