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Podcasts have become a commonly used internet radio talk-based source of information across different relevant industries. In the real estate sector, podcasts are highly essential, relevant, and reliable sources of valuable and credible information. There exist hundreds of such podcasts globally for users to choose from. Podcast usage statistics in the UK show that “real estate business” remains one of the top subjects of interest, both to listeners and podcast creators. Here are the top five real estate investment podcasts in the UK.


Epic Real Estate


Epic Real Estate is hosted by Matt Theriault. It offers creative real estate business knowledge, tips, and ideas on how real estate investors can achieve financial freedom. The podcast is particularly popular and relevant to real estate investors, including property managers, developers, administrators, and even sales agents. It is also famous and relevant for customers looking for real estate properties. With over 766 podcasts so far, Epic Real Estate is proving to be a vital and reliable source of information.


Real Wealth Show


This podcast is hosted by Kathy Fettke and focuses on providing educational resources to real estate investors on how they can achieve wealth creation. The main objective of the podcast is to enable real estate investors to achieve financial freedom, particularly in the first few years after establishment. It also gives investors an opportunity to learn from different investment options, especially relating to the lucrative kinds of real estate properties to venture in.


Real Estate Investment for Cash Flow


This podcast is hosted by Kevin Bupp. It focuses on giving established real estate investors actionable tips on how they can boost their cash flow by exploring various investment property options. The podcast is quite unique as it utilizes various case studies of previously successful and renowned real estate investors. The vital lessons learned thereof give listeners the opportunity to transition their investments into bigger profits.




The PropTech podcast is hosted by Eddie Holmes. It focuses on giving real estate property startup owners an opportunity to benefit from an array of technologically innovative products in the real estate industry. It gives property owners the opportunity to gain vital leverage with technology, thereby progressively advancing their investment portfolios for stability and competitive advantage.


New Era Property Podcast


The New Era Property Podcast is hosted by Rick Gannon. The experienced real estate investor and trainer focuses on inspiring amateur real estate investors with tips and practical real estate ideas on how to achieve better market penetration and growth. The podcast enables property owners to achieve their lifetime dream by concentrating on the best management practices in real estate.