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Smart homes aren’t just for humans anymore. Researchers and developers have been creating devices that help pets live happier and more comfortable lives. Here are a few smart devices you can find for your pets. 


The Little Cat – Every cat needs their exercise and this device makes it possible. The Little Cat is a smart treadmill for cats that can be controlled from an app on your phone. The treadmill learns all about your cat during exercise thanks to its Internet of Things connectivity. Mansion Global describes this device as, “A vertical-standing circle, inset with a revolving, paw-friendly padded ring, The Little Cat cajoles your kitty into running through the use of an LED light that will have your feline feeling like it’s playtime.” Owners can let their cat set the treadmill pace or they can set it themselves all from the App via Bluetooth connectivity. The app also allows you to keep track of your pet’s progress. 


PetNet Smart Feeder – Diet is an important part of your pet’s daily routine and their overall health. We may not know the specific amount of food or calories our pets should consume each day and that’s where this smart feeder can help out! PetNet is an internet-connected feeder that calculates your pet’s best calorie intake per day using their weight, age, food type, and activity level. Once all of this data is collected, the feeder dispenses the appropriate amount of food for your pet. All of this is done via an app that allows you to schedule when meals are dispensed. The app also alerts you when your pet finishes eating and when food is running low. 


Wagz Smart Door – Keep your home secure while your dog enjoys the backyard thanks to this smart door and compatible pet pendant. This smart door allows your pet to go outside even when your not home. When your pet wants to go outside the accompanying pet pendant will unlock the smart door as your dog approaches. Once your furry friend is outside the door will lock and when finished your dog can approach the door to come back inside. This device allows your dog freedom while keeping unwanted pests and intruders out. The door also comes with a motion-activated camera so you can keep tabs on your pet.  


Smart home technology for pets makes life much easier for owners and their pets!