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Trips to Great Britain often include visiting numerous historic locations and touring ancient castles. However, the destinations also feature a number of fascinating country estates that are equally impressive. The spacious homes also provide a glimpse into the area culture and heritage. 

1) Castle Howard-Yorkshire

The estate once encompassed more than 13,000 acres that included a private railway station. In recent years, the castle served as the backdrop in the television series “Brideshead Revisited.” The home contains 145 rooms. The grounds boast a vegetable garden, flower gardens, fountains and an adventure playground. 

2) Dumfries House-Scotland

The house was completed in 1759 and belonged to the 5th Earl of Dumfries. The lavish interior boasts period furnishings obtained from local artisans and Thomas Chippendale. A Chippendale bookcase purchased for 47 pounds in 1759 is now worth more than £4 million pounds. 

3) Hedingham Castle-Essex

Lord Chamberlain commissioned the construction of the castle, which began in 1140 A.D. The layout involves a square structure complete with corner towers. The 12-foot thick walls were created for fortification. The entire building stands 110-feet tall. The interior features rounded arches and an immense banquet hall. 

4) Longleat House-Wiltshire

The 16th century home belongs to the Marquess of Bath who is known for having unusual interests. The interior features an array of priceless art and furnishings. The grounds are equally fascinating. Guests are welcome to venture through the maze and visit the safari park, which serves as home to many species of exotic animals. 

5) Markenfield Hall-North Yorkshire

The fortified manor house is surrounded by a moat and was constructed sometime around 1310 A.D. The palatial estate was once home to tax collectors and knights in service to King Edward II. Entry into the home brings guests face-to-face with the drawing room and its massive fireplace. The manor also contains a historic chapel and the great chamber that boasts an immense poster bed. 

6) Mount Stuart-Scotland

The expansive estate was commissioned for John Crichton-Stuart on the Isle of Bute in the mid 19th century. When constructed, the home included modern plumbing and electricity. However, Stuart’s fascination with astrology and astronomy are reflected throughout the manor. Stained glass windows depict the zodiac signs. Painted astrological themes are featured in the horoscope room. 

7) Parham House-Sussex

The Palmer family had the home constructed in 1577 during the Tudor period. The historic interior remains filled with art treasures from the Stuart and Tudor periods in the form of needlework tapestries and bedroom decorations. The gardens are also a must see with their selection of blossoming flowers, greenery and the children’s “Wendy house.”